Swamp and Bayou People

Great White Egret over Bayou, Louisiana

Image via Wikipedia

Swamp People the hit show from The History Channel has gained popularity recently and I couldn’t be more happy about it. I have lived in bayou country nearly all of my life and once you get accustomed to that kind of lifestyle you never want to let it go.

Good people, fantastic food, great times and a way of life that is as unique as the landscape creates a tie that binds you there forever. Even if its only in spirit you still feel like a part of you is there if you do leave that majestic place. It can be a very dangerous place if you are not aware of the dangers around you. Once you understand the surroundings and terrain however the danger becames very slight. You probably stand a greater chance of peril in the city than you would in the swamps and bayous of Louisiana.


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