One more cajun story

Louisiana State Capitol, Baton Rouge, Louisian...

Louisiana State Capitol, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (5) (Photo credit: Ken Lund)

Aerial view of Louisiana wetlands
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This is the only contemporaneous image of the ...

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One of the differences I’ve noticed between Louisiana and other areas is that we name things differently. One reason is the strong French influence obviously, but another part of it is that the Bayou State has had such a multi culutural existence. Some people have asked me what makes Louisiana so unique? In  most ways, we are clearly unique. Sometimes though I do believe that we are not all that much different than the rest of the world, just a lot more aware of the things that make us who we are.

Since the mid 1700’s when those first Acadians arrived from Nova Scotia, they have made their way happy and humble. They were ejected from their own lands and seperated from families and made their way eventually to the Gulf Coast. Financially and emotionally wrecked many of them fell to disease. Those first few years were surely marked by severe hardship but just like the modern day cajuns, they were very resilient and tough. They made it and I really believe the story of those hearty people needs to be told.

Nearly the southern half of Louisiana is referred to as “Cajun Country” or Acadiana. Southwest LA is sometimes overlooked by tourists but it is a most fascinating place with some of the most interesting people you will ever meet.

Louisiana state welcome sign Panneau de Bienve...

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Some things better with time..but not these


Popular Culture

Popular Culture (Photo credit: modomatic)

We’ve all heard from our parents that our generations artistic acheivements have been lesser than the previous one. I feel like my parents did about mine as I do about this current one. The quality of pop culture in the United States in the last 10 years has seriously suffered from lack of creativity. All the music sounds the same to me. The movies lately are mostly unoriginal, boring stories fueled only by over the top CGI and soundtracks. The meat of the stories and also the lyrics of songs seem exhausted.

Hard to tell whether I am simply observing and forming an opinion or am I getting old and cranky like the old folks did when I was younger.

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Swamp and Bayou People

Great White Egret over Bayou, Louisiana

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Swamp People the hit show from The History Channel has gained popularity recently and I couldn’t be more happy about it. I have lived in bayou country nearly all of my life and once you get accustomed to that kind of lifestyle you never want to let it go.

Good people, fantastic food, great times and a way of life that is as unique as the landscape creates a tie that binds you there forever. Even if its only in spirit you still feel like a part of you is there if you do leave that majestic place. It can be a very dangerous place if you are not aware of the dangers around you. Once you understand the surroundings and terrain however the danger becames very slight. You probably stand a greater chance of peril in the city than you would in the swamps and bayous of Louisiana.